Achilles II: Origin of a Legend

Achilles II: Origin of a Legend
Fighting Games
Developer: Ben Olding Games
Fight as Achilles and slaughter your enemies in Achilles II: Origins of a Legend. Use your spear or sword to fight, and kick decapitated heads at attackers. You can pick up spears from fallen enemies. Defeat all competitors in all three stages of each chapter to unlock the next, beat all the chapters to win.

You have three lives in each stage of a chapter. Your health and the health of the enemy your fighting is indicated at the top of the screen, along with your kill amount, enemies left, lives, stage, and level.

Controls / How To Play:
Move with WASD or arrow keys, when you crouch you also pick up the dropped spears and shield yourself. Kick with L, and slash and throw spears with K.

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